The Sulphur on Your Sleeve

Author: Loracine
Genre: gen
Fandoms: Supernatural, Dark Angel
words: 49810

這篇根本就是Berserker! Verse 的Dark Angel 版本,角色個性非常貼近原劇,意思就是丁丁粉會心痛到捶牆。故事主線從912 三米的"我們是工作夥伴,但是當兄弟我還要考慮看看"開始,然後Dean就失蹤了,直到五年之後三米才打聽到兄弟的下落,然後在X5的協助下(其實也只出動了Max跟Zack兩隻,Alec跟Ben還在 Manticore服役中)成功救出Dean 。


Sam made a terrible mistake. implied that he didn't want to be brothers anymore. In that moment, he'd wanted Dean to hurt. He succeeded and Dean disappeared. Five years later find the brothers divided and hurting. Sam is swimming in guilt and still searching for his brother and Dean has been caught in the clutches of Manticore all these years. This is the story of how they found each other again.


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avatar_0319f71054ee_128 The Cursed Ermine verse

Author: morrezela




1. Sc-rrr-ewed

Jared is a zookeeper with a soft spot. Jensen is a wounded ermine he takes home to nurse back to health.

2. Ja-rrr-ed

Jensen is an eccentric rich guy pushing his money on the poor animal lover that saved him from the life of being an ermine.



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783.jpgLazarus Came Forth    PDF

Author: oselle
Pairings: None (gen)
Warnings: heavily Dean-centric for most chapters.以及大量h/c.
Word Count: 73,316

Summary: Dean returns from hell and finds himself alive and alone in the stark landscape of an America that has gone terribly wrong. Adrift in hostile territory and pursued by hell's bounty hunters, he sets out on a desperate hunt to find Sam. Apocafic and AU for everything after Season 3.




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2472079Draw Three Figures on Your Heart

Author: cherie_morte
Characters: Sam, Dean, OFC, John
Rating: PG-13 for some language and off-screen violence
Word Count: 5,467

Summary: Once upon a time, Sam Winchester was an only child.



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84584_300Read Him Like a Book

Author: sw0rdy
Rating: PG-13
Paring: None
Word Count: 21,300

Set in Season 1, canon AU. In the aftermath of his father’s disappearance and Jess’s death, Sam is stunned to discover his brother’s darkest secret: Dean is completely illiterate. As they re-establish their relationship during the hunt for their father and the yellow-eyed demon, Sam tries to persuade Dean of his worth and that it’s never too late to learn...



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51812_600BigBang 2014:Between the Earth and Sky  PDF

Author name: alezig
Genre: RPS - fantasy
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~34 000

這是兩隻精靈 -- 其實alae不該翻譯成精靈,應該稱為有翼族吧,不過唸起來太拗口,而且他們也只有四吋高,視覺效果跟精靈大概是差不多的.這是兩隻alaes從一起落難到互相扶持繼而陷入情網的故事,alezig的故事從不叫人失望,這篇也不例外,唯一的遺憾就是太短了,這麼可愛的故事怎麼可以30k就結束了呢?


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